Gotham Ink Corporation believes in building long lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers.  And the most important way to accomplish that is through training.  Training is a valuable tool that keeps our relationships strong.  Gotham Ink Corporation provides specific training tailored to your specific needs.  Gotham Ink Corporation also networks with industry relevant vendors to bring a comprehensive approach to your specific challenges. 

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  • UV Flexo training· 
  • Pressroom trouble shooting· 
  • Color matching· In-plant services· 
  • Dispensing Systems· 
  • Specialty Products· 
  • R&D Services· 
  • Technical Support/Training




There are a large number of variables inherent in the printing process, any of which may cause or contribute to problems on press. Frequently, these problems can be attributed to the stock, fountain chemistry or equipment error. The ink, as long as it is a formulation suitable for the job being run, is rarely at fault. Nonetheless, many problems whose cause lies elsewhere can be most easily and economically overcome by making a proper adjustment to the ink. Even in situations in which adjusting the ink will not provide a solution to your problem, Superior's technical staff is on call to help identify the cause and diagnose the best way to solve the problem. This section lists some common on-press problems and suggested remedies. We urge you to contact your Superior sales representative or ink technician if you have any questions concerning the appropriate action to take.


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This section contains answers to common problems and questions that frequently arise in the print production process. We will strive to provide helpful suggestions and tips and frequently add to this section



As we enter the 21st Century, Superior Printing Ink Co. is offering value added services that are designed to bring sustainable continual improvement to your manufacturing operations. The program, Preflight to Profitability, studies your entire print manufacturing process from creative inception to final delivery. Its overarching purpose is to help analyze, map, calibrate, characterize and ultimately optimize the print reproduction process. This program is tailored to each customer’s unique environment. Contact your Superior Sales representative to learn more about the program and to enroll for a free discovery consultation with Superior

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Superior Printing Ink Co. has developed and refined a few key manufacturing services that have proven highly successful to our many clients for years. We have seamlessly woven these services into our preflight to profitability program to create a truly unique and holistic approach to optimal manufacturing production for the printer 


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