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Gothalin label high quality solvent-based inks for coated and uncoated paper stock.

Propalin co-solvent inks for polyethylene and polypropylene.


Vinyl tape inks for vinyl film and tapes.


Polyroto inks for vinyl film.


Spiroflex ink for shrink PVC.


Solvent-based tinting inks for uncoated paper stock.


Solvent-based heat transfer label inks and coatings.


Solvent-based top coats and adhesives for a variety of applications.


Golf ball printing inks.


Solvent-based pad printing inks.



Water-based envelope inks.


Water-based high gloss inks for coated substrate.


Water-based inks for polyethylene and polypropylene films.


Water-based Polylam inks for film lamination.


Water-based medical packaging inks system.


Water-based tinting inks for uncoated substrate.



UV inks for polyethylene and polypropylene films.


UV inks for coated and uncoated substrates.


UV inks for shrink film substrates.


UV inks for heat transfer label.

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